Physical Education with Tandalay Curriculum

Go for the GOLD standard of Physical Education with Tandalay. Experience the difference of inentionality with a program that has carefully selected every single activity to create a super fun, non-intimidating environment that not only increases fitness but is a ton of FUN for everyone! Thousands of games organized into hundreds of ready-to-teach lessons. This comprehensive, turn-key program makes for ultra easy prep and set-up. If you're ready to simpify your life while super-charging your PE time, this is the perfect solution for you! Healther Happier Kids Start Here: Learn more...

NoWalls. No Limits.

NoWalls is the name, No Limits is the motto we live by! 

  • NoWalls GYM is the "un-gym" fitness solution that is taking the nation by storm. With NoWalls, members join you, the TRAINER, rather than a stuffy, intimidating, boring, unsocial, judgmental box. Learn more...

  • NoWalls REC is the activity solution for players who just aren't that into competetive sports, but who LOVE to play and be active. The emphasis is on fun, camaraderie, and friendly competition with tons of non-traditional games. Learn more...

  • NoWalls SPORTS is perfect for starting or running your own sports league. Discover a plethora of lead-up games and skill drills to get your team ready for games, or to start and run a sports camp of your own! Learn more...

Healthy and Happy in Mind, Body, Spirit

ALL of the programs embraced by NAPA have a built-in focus on balance of mind, body, and spirit. If you're ready to explore a little deeper into the world of self-improvement, nutrition, life balance, and a journey of personal empowerment, then THIS is the place to start.  Learn more...

If you're ready to get real about living healthy and making better choices, take The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge where you report your healthy living scores and earn badges and rewards for making better choices day by day. It's a revolutionary new way to stay motivated, on track, and to live inspired every single day! Learn more...

Join the WOLF PAC 

The WorkOut For Life Physical Activity Club (aka The WOLF PAC) is the ideal solution for individuals, families, coaches, teachers, rec leaders, youth directors, and kids from age 2 to 102! With the WOLF PAC you'll enjoy a complimentary ALL-ACCESS-PASS to Tandalay along with daily emails with information, motivation, and take-action-challenges to keep you on track and motivated in mind, body, and spirit. PLUS a weekly delivery of 5 power-packed games and activities to keep you going strong and playing hard all week! Get feedback and support with membership to our exclusive Private Facebook WOLF PAC GROUP. Learn more... 

NAPA Lifestyle Enrichment Campus Award

Receive recognition for your campus, business, or institution by bringing a Physical Activity Specialist on board to add hours of activity time beyond your current offerings. Activities might include family fit-camps, intramurals, yoga, brain-body-boosters, sports leagues, etc. Need ideas for what to do? Join the WOLF PAC! 

  • BRONZE - add 10 additional hours of physical activity or PowerLiving per week

  • SILVER - add 20 additional hours of physical activity or PowerLiving per week

  • GOLD - add 30 or more additional hours of physical activity or PowerLiving per week

Learn more about how YOU can be a provider or how your school can apply here...

Become a Certified Physical Activity Specialist

Get your certification and open the door to a myriad of opportunities! 

  • Start Your Own Business 

  • Provide Physical Activity on School Campuses

  • Volunteer to Organize Lunchtime Activities

  • Run Your Own Sports Camps

  • Offer corporate fitness programs

  • Be an Early Adopter and Build Your Legacy! 

Get certified in P.E., Sports, Recreation, PowerLiving, and Diabetes Prevention/Education

Learn more about how to start or build your legacy...

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Physical Activity for All

Inspiring Change for a Healthier, Happier Life