Live Happy

It is time that EVERY BODY, of every ability, age, ethnicity, gender, income level, gender preference, background, and neighborhood has EQUAL ACCESS to safe, affordable, quality PHYSICAL ACTIVITY that improves their Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness . Come on in and join the WOLF PAC to ignite your light - and share that light with the WORLD! 




Make a Difference - Change YOUR World! 

KMI is all about TRIBES. We are one tribe, one people, all looking out for each other. Yet while we are all one, we all have unique qualities that joined together, feel like family. Start your own activity tribe at school, in your neighborhood, at work, at church, or at the park!      


Find or lead your own tribe. Coming soon we will have locations and the unique features from each tribe leader across the nation! Be an early-adopter, grass-roots ambassador, mover-and-shaker, all-around play-maker, and start a tribe in your own community! Register online here and get started today! 


Getting Started 
Start your tribe anywhere, with any type of physical activity. The easiest place to start? How about a walking tribe? Meet and walk 1 or more times per week at a set place and time, and just start moving! Then let us know who you are, where your tribe meets, give yourselves an awesome tribal name, and we will make you an honorary CHIEF! What are you waiting for? The first 50 tribe leaders to sign up register for FREE, and are entered to WIN! (win what? that's our little secret - but you can't win if you're not leading!)