Is a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE attainable?

Could it be EASY and ENJOYABLE for ME to live healthy?



The REAL reason people don't workout and don't eat healthy is because it is NOT ENJOYABLE. Maybe your experience so far is that it's too hard. It's too confusing. It's too painful. And it sucks the joy out of life. 


But what if it could be different this time? 

After 30 years of research and hands-on experience in health clubs and schools, we've developed comprehensive turn-key programs and curriculum that make it EASY and ENJOYABLE for coaches and teachers AND their clients and students to LOVE living healthy!

What if living healthy could actually be 

Simple? Effective? Enjoyable?

Now THEN we'd have something!


psssst! We have something for you!



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Hybrid "Beginagainers" 

Workout Adventure


Program begins July 5, 2021

NoWalls Healthy-Habits 
Lifestyle Change Program


June 19 and June 26, 2021

Become a Licensed
NoWalls Fitness Coach

Why are so many people FAILING at Health and Fitness? 
Could our approach to fitness be FAILING THEM?

What if YOU could help them SUCCEED?

According to new data from the CDC, 80% of people who were hospitalized or died from COVID 19 were overweight or obese.

Today, almost half of Americans have obesity, and 1 in 3 have pre-diabetes - most of whom don't even know it. 


There is an urgent need for amazing, inspirational COACHES to implement quality sports and fitness programs at schools and in our communities.

But what is the BEST WAY to help?

 BRING THE CHANGE! YOU can bring exciting new opportunities to your community when you become a licensed NoWalls Coach!

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What if we could provide more effective and enjoyable opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle?

  • What if we made physical education so much fun for EVERY player that they were begging to participate? 

  • What if we made exercise so enjoyable that people were clamoring to workout? 

  • What if we made eating nutritiously so deliciously enticing that people WANTED to eat healthy foods?

  • What if there were Amazing Coaches running QUALITY health, fitness and sports programs in neighborhoods and on school campuses?

Together, we can make it HAPPEN.

The World Needs YOU.

YOU can learn how to LEAD your community to increased health and happiness with easy-to-implement, comprehensive, turn-key, research-based programs and curriculum when you attend an online or on-site training for fitness, PE and sports, recess and recreation, and disease prevention through lifestyle change.


We make it easier for parents, teachers, coaches, and fitness professionals to implement quality ENJOYABLE physical activity experiences at home, at school, and in the community with turn-key ready-to-go comprehensive programs and easy-to-use curriculum. 

Sign up for one of our Trainings or HOST a Training at your school, club, church, business, or community center TODAY.

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You can become the FUN COACH you've always wanted to be - with none of the stress over planning, content, class format, behavior management, or curriculum!


Learn how to coach fun, safe, body-friendly, effective group exercise classes that help people ease back into fitness post-COVID. 

Physical Education

Take the stress and prep out of PE with Tandalay Curriculum and learn the secrets for helping EVERY child feel successful on and off the field.

Sports & Rec

Learn how to coach sports and rec programs effortlessly with quality skills, drills, and super fun non-traditional games for kids of ALL abilities!

Lifestyle Change

Help people live healthier and happier through improved nutrition and increased physical activity with a behavior-change approach.

Do you want to help kids, families, and individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities fall in LOVE with physical activity and nutritious eating so that they can live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives?


YOU Can Be the Change... 

Lifestyle factors like stress, lack of physical activity, and poor nutritional habits are the leading causes of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and premature death.


It is more important than ever for people to be more physically active and to change their lifestyle and nutritional habits so they can improve the quality of their lives and avoid disease.

Kids, families, and communities should have access to quality fitness classes, quality P.E. sports & recreation programs, and disease prevention education.



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Where will YOU create IMPACT? 


Tandalay Training for Teachers, Coaches, and Recreation Leaders with Games Galore!

Increase Physical Activity at Your School: PE, Recess, Sports & Rec with Tandalay Training 

Do you ever wish you had the magic key to stress-free PE? Or that someone else did all the planning for you so that you had more free time? Or that you could get those kids to quiet down and listen for a minute? 

Tandalay training gives you all of the tools and lessons you need so that you can focus on what you love!! 

Stay tuned for our Interactive Zoominar Workshop. You'll be equipped with everything you need to get out there and PLAY right away!

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NoWalls Fitness: Learn to Lead a Variety of Exclusive Class Formats with Maximum Fun & Results

Lead Sports and Fitness Classes in Health Clubs or in Your Community with NoWalls Fitness

Want to lead workout classes and help people get off the couch and get moving? Whether you're looking to train people 1on1, in small groups, or large groups, you'll learn everything you need to know to lead fun, dynamic, effective workouts anytime, anywhere! NoWalls breaks down the barriers and makes fitness FUN. You've got this! 

Get your training online in our brand new interactive Zoominar. A fun exciting new program that allows YOU to be ready to teach your new workouts the very next day! 

Unfortunately, common sense isn't always common practice. Let's change that together.

Common practice: 

  • fitness feels more like punishment - but that's the price you have to pay on your quest for perfection;

  • PLAY is for sports and only talented athletes should be rewarded and have fun;

  • fad diets, misinformation, and social media lead to unrealistic expectations about weight loss; 

  • health education and access to quality foods is reserved for the wealthy, creating a health vacuum in economically challenged communities;

  • sets people up for failure with complicated diets, impossible workouts, UN-fun PE, and a lack of support.

Common sense::

  • fitness should be fun and improve your health;  

  • PLAY should involve every player and include skill development, games, AND positive social interaction; 

  • healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight should be an everyday quest - not a short-term quick-fix;

  • everyone should have the knowledge they need to make good decisions that affect their health;

  • there should be a simple plan to follow so that people everywhere can be more active, learn to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, and avoid disease and premature death. 

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