Become a Licensed NoWalls

Fitness Instructor

FlowMotion Workshop 

In-Person or Online June 5

FlowMotion is a BRAND NEW workout format that helps people ease back into fitness with a slower tempo, easy-to-follow movement style that's challenging, enjoyable, AND effective! Set yourself apart by offering this one-of-kind workout anywhere YOU choose! 8:30am - 12:30pm


Walk-It-Off Workshop 

In-Person or Online June 5

The perfect compliment to FlowMotion, Walk-It-Off is a low-impact cardio workout with a focus on helping people get their steps in, improve their health, and burn calories in a fun group setting with pumping music and simple choreography. Learn to create and lead super fun workouts!


With over 50 million Americans who need to get more active and bridge the gap from fat to fit, the opportunities for you to offer classes at the park, in the gym, at a school or church near you has never been better. Help people ease back into fitness with these two amazing workout formats that transform bodies and give people the confidence to TAKE CONTROL of their health and happiness.


When you successfully complete a NoWalls training you are licensed to teach your workouts anytime anywhere for any cost you decide! You can even introduce FlowMotion or Walk-It-Off to a health club or gym near you and get it on their group ex schedule - with YOU as the instructor! WootWoot! 

The opportunities are endless, and NoWalls is here to support your journey with marketing materials and support every step of the way. With people everywhere just getting back into working out after taking a COVID break, or needing to lose their COVID 19 POUNDS, they need YOU to help them get healthy! 


Although NoWalls offers many different types of workouts, our focus for 2021 is on workouts that are super effective and challenging, yet don't require any equipment; don't include any burpees or getting up and down off the floor; are easy to follow and don't include too much dancing or jumping; and are knee and back friendly. Perfect for EVERY BODY. 


We are eliminating ALL of the excuses and breaking down their WALLS.

YOU can start changing lives while increasing your income while doing what you LOVE. 

You've Got This! 


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