NoWalls breaks down the barriers to health and fitness so that
you can go from COUCH TO CONFIDENT!
And we are here to guide you every single step of the way.


Do you HATE exercise because it's excruciating, boring, tedious, painful, time-consuming, frustrating, or just plain awful?

Get to the gym and feel lost or judged? 

That's why NoWalls' created our exclusive line-up of mind- and body-friendly group training workouts that give you all of the health and fitness benefits you're looking for - with NO BURPEES, no jumping around, no crazy fast dance moves, and NO getting up and down off the ground so that you can ENJOY your workouts and FEEL AMAZING!   



*Drop-Ins Welcome! First week FREE and then only $5.00 / class
Memberships start on your own sign-up day and are renewed each month on the same date as long as you are a member. Cancel anytime.

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NoWalls Membership
5 Classes per Month
$19 only $3.80/class*
Reg.Price = $49/mo


NoWalls Membership
9 Classes per Month
$29 only 3.22 /class*
Reg.Price = $64/mo

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NoWalls Premiere
Membership $39/mo
Reg.Price = $99/mo

When it comes to burning calories and workout effectiveness - it all comes down to intensity and your HEART RATE. Many tech devices don't accurately measure your energy expenditure because they aren't using your heart rate. I've created a chart for you to reference so you can see for yourself which of your workouts are most effective - and if YOU are getting the most out of your workout by staying in your ZONE.

 Download Your Free Heart Rate Zone and Calorie-Burn
Chart instantly when you enter your email:


Personal Training: $60 per session
Spin Class: $30 per class
Yoga: $25 per class
Pilates: $30 group class
Bootcamp: $20 per class

FitBody Bootcamp: $197 per month
NoWalls Fitness: $3 - $5 per class!! 
There really is no comparison!


NoWalls Fitness will help you go from 

When you're ready to go from COUCH to CONFIDENT join NoWalls Fitness. Our FlowMotion, Walk-It-Off, and Body-Boost classes are specifically and intentionally crafted to help you enjoy your workouts and ease into fitness by: 

  • keeping you off the ground

  • making the moves fun and easy to follow

  • focusing on form and technique

  • following the science to maximize RESULTS!

  • providing an online step-by-step workout program that literally takes you from your easy-chair in your pajamas to crushing those HIIT workouts one step at a time.

Research shows that the BIGGEST health benefits come from getting OFF the couch (not ON the ground) and MOVING. With NoWalls Fitness you will feel better, live longer, and enjoy life MORE! 
Research also shows that 95% of diets FAIL in the long run because they are unsustainable and don't provide the tools and strategies of Lifestyle Behavior Change. If you're looking to lose weight and get healthy, PowerLiving 101 might be just the answer you're looking for!

PowerLiving 101
A Powerful Life-Saving Course to help you Lose Weight and Live Healthily Ever After.

Do you need to take control of your health and lose weight to reverse your risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes?

PowerLiving 101 is a powerful hybrid course that takes you on a transformational expedition so that you can get your health and your confidence back for good. 



If you want: 

  • a CLEAR pathway to health and fitness;  

  • to REVERSE your diabetes or pre-diabetes;

  • to lose weight and increase your CONFIDENCE; 

  • to eat HEALTHIER without sacrificing everything you love;

  • to feel supported, encouraged, empowered, STRONG and brave enough to know that you will succeed this time;

  • a simple, easy-to-follow, no-burpee workout plan that gently eases you into fitness so that you can stick with it; 

  • a step-by-step strategy to help you adopt healthy lifestyle habits so that you can avoid disease and premature death;

  • an experienced SHERPA to help you navigate your expedition, help you stay the course, and help to carry your burden so that you can achieve your goals... 

. . . then PowerLiving 101 is for YOU.

Do You Need to Lose Weight and Turn Your Health Around?  

What if you could lose weight, get in shape, lower your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, reverse diabetes, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers... all without doing a single burpee? Without jumping around? Without getting up and down off the ground? Without feeling like you've got two left feet?

What if there was an all-new joint-friendly calorie-shredding muscle-toning fun-and-friendly workout system that helped you to CRUSH your health and fitness goals that made exercise ENJOYABLE, EMPOWERING, and EFFECTIVE?

Now there is, thanks to NoWalls Fitness

But it doesn't stop there. Being physically active is absolutely imperative for you to change your health numbers, but alone it is not enough. If you have poor lifestyle habits that range from being under too much stress, difficulty sleeping, and/or poor dietary habits it's time to take a good hard look at your lifestyle and take steps to live healthier TODAY. It won't get any easier tomorrow.

But you don't need to go it alone. If you have more than 30 pounds to lose, you might want to think of this quest as more of an expedition than a journey.

Your success lies in your mindset. 

Get Your Mind Right - FREE PDF

Together at the Top

Trying to change your lifestyle without support is like trying to summit
Mt. Everest without a Sherpa. 

We're stronger TOGETHER.
Let's CLIMB. 

NoWalls PREMIERE Membership

If you have your weight loss, healthy habits, and nutrition already dialed in and you're looking to learn everything you need to know about fitness training - THIS is EXACTLY what you've been searching for!


On-Site or On-Line, we've got you covered! Get ready for an exclusive workout experience like no other! You can attend as many on-site classes as you are able, or if you don't have NoWalls classes nearby you can workout with us at home! It's like having your very own personal trainer at your fingertips! 

You found it! The prefect place to START your journey with NO burpees, no getting up and down off the floor, no high impact, no fast-paced dance moves, and NO MISERY! 

You'll get three new workouts per week (repeat to workout 6x/wk) with tami as your personal fitness coach (PFC). She covers form and technique to protect your knees and back as you progress from COUCH to CONFIDENT! (Literally the first workout is tami in her onesie in a rocking chair!)

You'll become an expert at form and technique and get insights and training tips every step along the way!

Your membership includes an online community of support, along with weekly workouts that start with Chair-work, FlowMotion and Walk-It-Off, and evolve into Step, Retro-Aerobics, HIIT, Body Sculpting, Weight Circuits, Cardio Kickboxing and more! 


PowerLiving Lifestyle Transformation 

Are you looking to transform your life and your health habits? You know your health is at risk and you need to make some changes, but where do you start? You've tried before and have been unsuccessful, so what's different now? 

The APPROACH. PowerLiving uses a multi-faceted approach to guide you on a transformational journey, taking small manageable steps, so that you can focus on one healthy habit at a time. 

Take it beyond the workouts and change your LIFE! Not only will you get the workout challenges, you'll get weekly tips and strategies for weight loss, healthy nutrition, and staying active! 

Get NEXT LEVEL support with weekly goal-setting calls with your Sherpa (expedition guide). You'll work together to strategize, set specific goals, and to navigate the challenges along the way.  

TODAY is YOUR day to get started adopting healthier habits with the support, strategic planning, and step-by-step guidance you need to succeed!

This expedition will be truly life-changing as we work together to transform your unhealthy habits into a brand new healthy lifestyle you LOVE - one small step at a time.