NAPA Sports, Recreation & Physical Education
for Players of All Ages and Abilities

Play Your Way to Improved Fitness

NAPA provides sports and recreation opportunities that emphasize acceptance, social engagement, and enjoyable physical activity for people of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. 


  • All-Out PLAY - Purposeful Learning for Active Youth: 

games and recreation for kids ages 5 - 11 

  • G.O. Game On!: Sports and Rec Clubs for youth and
     from age12 and up

Take the NAPA Sports and Rec Training to learn how to become a more effective coach, learn how to create a safe and successful environment for your players, and walk away with a comprehensive turn-key activity program. You can even start your own business and run your own Sports and Rec programs! From kid's sports camps to birthday parties; physical education and after-school clubs - you'll have the training and resources you need for success! 

N.A.P.A. Sports & Rec Workshop

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Game-Based Fitness

isn't just for kids anymore! Families, friends, mixed ages, and over-21 clubs are popping up across America, making it more fun than ever to be active, have fun, and meet with friends and family for game-time as you laugh and play your way to improved health and fitness!

Tandalay provides an easy to use turn-key curriculum so that every player can experience the JOY of movement. We don't just talk a good game, we PLAY it!


Complete a Tandalay Training to lead your own PLAY recreation and sports camps for kids of ALL ages and abilities - from age 4 to adults! 

Our Recreation and Sports Camps include: 

  • Traditional sports like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and racquet sports

  • Non-traditional sports that feel more like summer camp with games like Ultimate Fuzzleball, 5-Catch Football, and hundreds of fun recreation-style games. 

*Tandalay Curriculum is a standards-based turn-key proven program that promotes QUALITY instruction and a superior experience for players of ALL ages, abilities, shapes and sizes! 

N.A.P.A. Sports & Rec Coach Workshop

Get the tools and training to become a NoWalls Coach so that you can make more money and create more meaning doing what you love - inspiring kids to be their BEST - on and off the field. 



Discover the POWER of PLAY

10 am - 6pm: Hands-On Games, Sports and Rec Workshop

Experience what quality PLAY is all about, how to help all players feel successful, and how to make your job easier and more enjoyable with a comprehensive turn-key program from Tandalay Curriculum

Learn how to take the stress out of coaching - from setting up the field and setting up groups, to behavior management and positive reinforcement. Get the tools you need to provide quality games and activities with minimal prep and set up time. Perfect for teaching PE, leading after school programs, running kids camps, coaching team-building retreats, and hosting birthday parties! 


Make sports fun and rewarding for players of all ages and abilities with skill drills, team-building, and lead-up games.  You'll learn how to help every player feel successful, make sports fun and accessible to players of all ages, sizes and abilities. We'll play games and learn strategies and techniques that guarantee success for you and your players. 

Learn how you can use your NoWalls training to build your credibility, your business, and your income; how to start your own business; and how to become a more successful coach - whether you're starting you own program or facilitating an existing one.


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